Student Housing in Poland

Q3 2023
Student housing in Poland

Poland’s student population is booming, with 1,223,629 students in the 2022/2023 academic year, placing it fifth in Europe. Major university cities, including Warsaw, see students making up over 10% of the population. The number of international students has surged by 7.2%, reaching approximately 87,550.

Despite this growth, Poland’s Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) market is still in its early stages. Current PBSA options cover only 1% of international students, and the total provision rate stands at 10.4%, significantly lower than the 15-26% seen in other European nations. The market is dominated by public university dormitories, which offer basic, low-cost housing, and there is a pressing demand for high-quality private PBSA options.

Occupancy rates are remarkably high, at 99% in 2022, even during the COVID-19 lockdowns. To meet the growing demand and achieve a 25% accommodation saturation, Poland needs around 37,000 more PBSA beds.

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